Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why don't they teach cursive any more?

Ms. Dorothy,
Why don't teachers teach cursive any more?  My older kids all learned in 3rd grade, and by 5th grade they were required to read and write in cursive.  Now my younger kids aren't being taught cursive at all.  The teachers say there is too much else to teach.  When are they supposed to learn cursive if they cut it out of school? Can you explain this for me?
- Mom with second family

Cursive writing is a specialized art form, like calligraphy, and is not a priority in elementary schools.

You may want to ask your older children how often they use cursive writing in high school and college.  If they can think of more than one or two practical uses for it, I would be surprised. As fewer and fewer people learn the art of reading and writing cursive, the less use there will be for it.

Time in school spent on learning keyboarding skills is a more about preparing students for the realities of higher education and the practicalities of the work world.  

Time spent on preserving cherished traditions is no longer the domain of public education.

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  1. I guess you are suppose to sign for stuff in print then?