Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should I start my students blogging?

Ms Dorothy,
I was thinking about starting a blog with my students.  I thought they could all keep electronic journals, and we could share and critique one-another's writing and choose one piece to post every week.  It would be a great way to improve the quality of their work, and give them an excuse to write and listen to each other's writing.  I know there are free blog-sites out there like blogger, and they aren't a lot of work to set up.  I'm not worried about readership because I'm sure their parents will want to read the blog.  I'm pretty sure I could manage it and even submit posts of my own for the class to critique and take my turn in the rotation of posts. We could write about whatever we are studying, so they could write pieces that are news reports of our work, or opinions on the topics, or research pieces, or even reports. It would be wide open for them to come up with pieces and then advocate for which piece they think should be posted each week. I think it could be a really worthwhile adventure.  Do you think I should just jump in and try it?
-6th grade teacher


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