Friday, December 17, 2010

How do I know if my child writes normally?

Ms. Dorothy,
When my son writes, he changes the pencil back and forth between hands.  Some days he says it is easier to write left-handed, and other days with the right.  Is this an issue I should be worried about, or do some people just have an easier time this way?
- Mom of a 4th grader

If your son is comfortable, it really doesn't matter which hand he uses, or if he switches every day.

If he is changing hands because he can't get comfortable, you might want to talk to his teacher about letting him us a computer to do his writing.

Fourth grade is late to still be choosing a hand, and if his writing slows him down, it is worth the time and energy to help him learn keyboarding so that he doesn't end up behind in what he wants to accomplish as a writer.

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