Friday, December 31, 2010

How do I find books at the right level for my kids?

Ms. Dorothy,
What are some good books for 3-6 year old children? And what are some resources for finding good book lists for children at different ages?
-Parents of 2 Preschoolers

There are the classic children's book authors, like Eric Carle, Patricia PolaccoTomie DePaola  and Jan Brett that you may already be familiar with.

There are also some great authors currently writing books for preschoolers with wonderful characters the kids will fall in love with. Each of them also has books that extend up a few years so your children can grow with their favorites.

Look for books by Todd Parr, Mo Willems, Doreen Cronin and Anna Dewdney.
But don't overlook the phonetic and sight word series available in the Scholastic book orders your children bring home from preschool, or the online programs available at sites like Starfall.

When it comes to finding lists of recommended reading by grade level, there is no better resource than your local library! Check out some great reads!

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