Thursday, December 23, 2010

How do I get my class to be QUIET?!

Ms Dorothy,
My class is so noisy! They are generally on task, but they get so loud. I know I'm not supposed to raise my voice at them, but I end up yelling all the time just to get their attention. They are excited, it's not that I'm not doing good stuff, they are enthusiastic, but very loud about it! What do I do to get them to stay excited and working, but to do it quietly?!
- Pre-school teacher

Have you tried whispering? Sometimes the best way to get those little guys to pay attention is to bring your volume way down. If you get secretive and conspiratorial, they just might quiet down and lean in to hear what's up.

I've also had some luck playing "don't wake the baby" with preschool and kindergarten classes. Just get them to agree to pretend that there is a baby sleeping in the classroom. Then, rather than a lot of yelling or shushing, you can start a whisper campaign by telling one child "don't wake the baby - pass it on." They love to play, and it gets them quiet!

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