Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How do I prevent unsolicited advice about my picky eater?

Ms. Dorothy,
My child is a very picky eater.  My problem is not so much about getting her to eat, it's about all the advice I get from everyone.  We can't be anywhere - relatives homes, restaurants, malls, parks - that someone isn't telling me how to make her eat!  Right now, it is work for me to make sure she gets enough nutrition, but I don't mind doing the extra work.  It is no one else's business, but it makes me doubt myself over and over when I get all these "helpful" bits of advice.  What do I do?!
- A Mom

As long as  your child is getting the nutrition she needs, ignore them all.

I know, easier said than done, but letting all those people get to you will only make issues about food more stressful for you.  Your stress will do more harm to your daughter than any lack of green veggies ever could.  

Believe in yourself. You know what you are doing.  Keeping your child healthy is your job, and you are doing just fine. 

When others offer you suggestions, just say "thanks, but we are doing fine" and mean it. 

If you act doubtful, and really listen to their ideas as if you are looking for a magic solution, you will just get more advice.

Tune them out and go on with your business.  They will see that you don't want their help - they may not agree with you, but they will get the message. 

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