Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Virtual Tour of My Kindergarten Classroom

Ms. Dorothy,
My child has been assigned to your class, but we were not able to make it to the Back to School Night.  Is there some way I can show my son what his Kindergarten classroom looks like so he has an idea of what to expect?
Nervous Dad

What perfect timing! Here is a slideshow I just created from photos of my room.  Hope you enjoy it! I'm looking forward to meeting you both next week!


  1. Even 10,000 miles away you are so inspiring! Have a wonderful year!

  2. What a great space! I LOVE the trampoline! Kids need something like this. How wonderful. Thank you for posting your pictures.
    Ms. Brown's Grade 2 Class

  3. I love what you've done with the space. I don't use the word inspirational very often, but that's honestly how this blog post is for me.

  4. What a fantastic classroom! Can I come spend a few days? I promise to raise my hand only if I know the answer; I won't be one of those children who raises it automatically out of wild enthusiasm and then realizes too late that I don't have any clue what Ms. Dorothy was talking about...

    Well, then again, if I was in your class, I probably WOULD have that kind of wild enthusiasm.