Friday, November 26, 2010

How can I center myself and my class?

Ms. Dorothy-
I go back to teaching tomorrow, and my first class of the day is kindergarten. Do you have any suggestions for a mantra or centering phrase I can do to calm myself and my kids?
- Music Teacher

How exciting to be starting fresh in a new school! They are going to love you, so just relax!

One technique that is always helpful for calming the emotional center of the brain is deep breathing. It is also really helpful for singing!

Teach the children to breathe in through their noses and feel the breath fill up their bellies, and then exhale through their mouths slowly. Three deep breaths will really calm you, body and mind.

Have them imagine that they are smelling a sweet flower, and then blowing on a pinwheel or a lit candle.

Repeating "Smell the rose. Blow out the candle" three times while they (and you) breathe is a great way to center and be ready for what is ahead.

It is helpful for clearing your head if you are upset too, so it's a nice addition for the kids to learn when they have to resolve a problem.

Best of luck tomorrow! Have fun!

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